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Don’t let anybody ever tell you your childhood wasn’t amazing (36 Photos)

Ha! Who else remembers these from the 90s?

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50 Awesome Things From The 90's That We All Miss

Do you know what this is and how to use it if so your a 90s kid :)

90's kids know all about this fun paper fortune teller!!! It funny because we did this so much in elementary school that they ended up being banned, so we felt like such rebels when we made them anyway


Flashback: 20 Tech Toys We Heart From The '90s

password journal: a girls obsession, too bad I never had one even though I hinted to my parents alot

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The 63 Most Nostalgia-Inducing '90s Toys

Pogs...I had a bunch, a big tube, we traded them, the shiny slammers were the cool part, I think there was some game...I have no idea what I actually did with them...

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27 Reasons To Love The '90s

Inflatable furniture | 27 Reasons To Love The ’90s - Ha remember my dad turning purple trying to blow this thing up!

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55 Toys And Games That Will Make '90s Girls Super Nostalgic

Easy-Bake Oven | 55 Toys And Games That Will Make '90s Girls Super Nostalgic