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Cardboard Camera Zenite by OupasDesign on Etsy, its good because the hight of the camera is diifererent than most others

un paper toy en forme dappareil photo rétro en papier à construire avec un oiseau en origami qui sort du flash.

Un appareil photo à construire en papier !

A paper toy shaped like a retro camera made of paper to be built with an origami bird that comes out of the flash.

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artist and illustrator kevin LCK builds cardboard electronics and teeny tiny dioramas contained within them.for his new Ordinary Behavior series.: Cardboard Electronics Containing Absurd Miniature Dioramas.

Cardboard camera.

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經典再現!紙板 Nikon F 模型會是你夢寐以求的相機嗎? -

Marta Crass of Knoxville, Tennessee is quite handy with cardboard. She runs an Etsy shop called CisforCardboard that's dedicated to her custom cardboard ar

Cardboard Camera by CisforCardboard on Etsy, $150.00

Cardboard Camera

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