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Equestrian Problems #6 lol it kinda smells like bacon

Equestrian Problem #38  Less than a month until Christmas! What are some equestrian related things you all want for Christmas? (Or Hanukkah..)

and sore as all can be (try a jockey lesson.. that was the most fun and yet so incredibly painful the next day)

Equestrian Problem #50 They seriously don't get it until you have them ride. Then your horse decides they don't like other people and bucks them off. It happened. They no longer think that riding is easy.

used this stuff this morning and after a shower and many hand washings I can still smell it on me hands. grrr

So similar to my trainer's famous words "If it hurts, it looks pretty!". #equestrianproblems

it takes one crazy horse person to understand another and yet they dont look at each other like they're crazy because they know

Hi :) yes its me and you do get a sugar when we're done. This horse looks a lot like my first horse Magnum.

I don't even know if I get these cause I strut around really fast in public with my riding clothes on I don't even pay attention to anyone else around me so I'm like yup 👌

Equestrian probs.... tack stores! The one issue us horse lovers have....... The stuff we want is sooo expensive lol