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DIY Tutorial: Crochet Scarves / Arm Knitting a Scarf in 30 Minutes! - Tutorial - Bead

Arm Knitting for beginners! *Official Arm Knitting Tutorial* No needles required to knit this scarf! Check out my new video! You can now arm knit a scarf .

Whether you're an advanced knitter, a novice, or you've never even picked up a knitting needle, you can enjoy our favorite yarn projects. You'll find here a wonderful mix of knitted projects as well as plenty of no-knit ideas to make yarn crafts for your home and wardrobe.

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no sew scarf. jersey knit (t-shirt yarn! I have quite enough t-shirt yarn & nothing to do with it.

50 DIY Scarves, Hats + Gloves to Keep You Warm | Henry Happened

Stay warm this winter with 50 DIY scarves, hats, gloves and coats that will keep you warm from head to toe.

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Coffee And Tea cozies. These look Knit, but I'm sure I could crochet them pretty easily. Maybe some Christmas gifts for next year since our bank account probably won't have much left over after the wedding, lol