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People who think like this frustrate the hell out of me. Alice HATED Wonderland. That was the point. Wonderland was a mirror for growing up and realizing everyone around her was damaged in some way, and she just wished things would make sense. It was an exaggeration of her fears of adulthood and the real world, made into a nightmare. SHE WAS SCARED. She sobbed the whole time! She went back, yes, but she was still frightened! It's, there's this basic misunderstanding of the text.

A treat for the grown ups, then a treat for the kids. Perfect for Halloween, empty wine bottles #wine #DIY #homedecor


I don't enjoy any kind of danger or volatility. I don't have that kind of "I love bad guys" thing. No, no thank you. I like nice people. -Tina Fey