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Oxford Comma. It's real, people!!!

Long live the Oxford Comma! I agree!/ No, I disagree completely. If you had toast and orange juice, you don't put a comma after the toast. You use the "and" instead of the comma. I had no idea that commas had names

A Good Chuckle Before Class

A Good Chuckle Before Class

SAVE THE OXFORD COMMA You can have my Oxford comma when you pry it from my cold, dead, and lifeless hands. All hail the Oxford comma!

Why is English so hard? Немного лингвистического юмора |АНГЛОМАНИЯ

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Forum | ________ Learn English | Fluent LandWords That People Get Mixed Up…

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I Do Not Spew Profanities Mug

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31 Funny Tweets That Are Way, Way Too Real For Writers


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