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.abandoned building living room

I love old pianos. My papa used to take old player pianos, gut them, and meticulously rebuild the inside. We spent countless hours as children pumping the pedals with our feet to make the piano play lively, sing-a-long melodies. When we got older, we learned to play with our fingers. :-)

Mossy Stairs

State hospital

Lennox Castle Asylum

The Staircase by Marzena Grabczynska Lorenc - abandoned church in Pennsylvania. St.Peters Episcopal Church, PA

vintage typewriter, becoming a part of the earth.

Villa N.

Rotary Phone

Abandoned House

Loew’s Kings Theatre Abandoned


Derelict room interior of old building in Germany

time capsule by Sven Fennema, via 500px

An abandoned hospital in West Poland

Matthias Haker - Steps

A magnificent staircase in an abandoned farmhouse in Belgium.

Miranda Castle, aka: Chateau de Noisy, in Celles,Province of Namor, Belgium.

beautiful ruins, not sure where

Staircase in an abandoned sanatorium.

This is probably the most famous of the various beautiful staircases of the abandoned Beelitz Heilstätten, located in Beelitz, Brandenburg (Germany). Built in 1898 and has been abandoned for 13 years now.

Abandoned Monastery | ©Rivende, via flickr