I wish I was as thin as I actually was, back when I thought I was fat.

Lol! Yep!!



all the time!

Funny Family Ecard: Some people may think I'm forgetful. However, I'm just suffering from BMS. Busy Mom Syndrome.

Yes.....especially while raising a teenager.

Ahhhahahahhaha omg! This is hilarious!!!


Nursing School eCard--This too shall pass...painfully, like a kidney stone, but remember, it'll pass. So true.

This. Is. Hilarious.

or no man at all... just let some things pass...

seriously though

Lol for real!

You can give me all the 'I don't love you Mommy' looks you want to, but who are you going to call when you need your butt wiped?

Isn't that the truth

Ah... there I am

haha truth