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16 Awesome Facebook Marketing Infographics to ROCK Your World

Following the news that Facebook has replaced Google as the chief source for news traffic online, we've turned to ShortStack for this infographic listing the

How To Pin A Post If you have a post promoting your latest campaign or some other piece of content that you want to make sure everyone sees, you’ll want to take advantage of the Facebook’s pinning option. (Pinning a post means that it will stay above all of the newer posts on your Timeline.)

The only posting infographic you need to create an engaging Page. Follow the 60/30/10 rule for success! Download it here:

How To Help People Find Your Business On Facebook [Infographic]

How Brand Marketers Use Instagram

Download our Q3 2014 Instagram Study to see how top brand marketers are using Instagram for brand awareness, audience engagement and customer advocacy. Click through to download!