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  • heidi-man

    Les Dix commandements : photo Cecil B. DeMille : Charlton Heston, 1955. / Heston had a strong face, perfect for epic characters. He was a Christian, & he was politically involved with the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT: a friend to Martin Luther King Jr., and to Sidney Poitier, &Harry Belafonte. It's really sad, in hindsight -- to see how Heston was mocked for being both a Christian, AND for being Pro-Constitutional Rights -- which naturally includes the 2nd amendment.

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THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (1955) - Charlton Heston as 'Moses' - Produced & Directed by Cecil B. DeMille - Paramount - Publicity Still.

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Charlton Heston as Moses, relied heavily on his walking stick/staff as a dramatic prop. Do you need a walking stick in your preparedness gear?

Charlton HESTON, "The Ten Commandments" un film américain sorti en 1956, réalisé par Cecil B. DeMILLE

Charlton Heston and Cecil B. DeMille during production of THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, 1956 :: Cecil B. DeMille Photographs

I was super hot for the King's wife in the Moses movie. She had such a low, sexy voice!

Charlton Heston as young Egyptian Moses, The Ten Commandments

Anne Baxter in "The Ten Commandments" (1956)