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    Omari Hardwick

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    The alpha male is the prize. He knows he’s the prize, but he doesn't brag. There is no ego to feed. There’s only self-esteem. A low hum of good emotions that puts a smile on his face. He is certain in himself, and doesn't need people to fuel this certainty.

    Omari Hardwick, even while he's deep in thought...he's irresistible!

    Omari Hardwick - one of my favorite looks on a guy! low cut (or shaved head) and full face-facial hair

    6/25/15 2:13a Man w/Fitted Grey Pullover Omari Hardwick urblife.com

    Omari Hardwick | omari-hardwick-sheisdiva-1 | She Is Diva // Diva Everyday, Diva Every ...