Do you have other tried-and-true strategies for decorating a studio apartment stylishly?

How to Decorate a Studio Apartment

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I was chatting about apartments with my co-worker last week and the only pictures I had to share of my own place were from the first few days of living there (pre-decorated). That prompted me to take...

My Little Apartment

Depósito Santa Mariah: Ambientes

Natalie's Beach-Girl-Meets-Book-Nerd Nest — House Tour - sofa against bed wall

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10 Hacks to Make a Small Space Look Bigger - There are simple ways you can make any room in your home appear bigger...the way you decorate your home or apartment does have a dramatic effect on how your space makes you feel. -Decorating With Less

10 Hacks to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

DIY Bedroom Ideas - 10 Hacks to Make a Small Space Look Bigger - Simple ways you can make any room in your home appear bigger.the way you decorate your home or apartment

Room divider ideas to help partition a studio apartment or large room.

10 Room Divider Ideas For Your Home

Name: Annie Oxenhandler Location: Adams Point; Oakland, California Size: 624 square feet Years lived in: 2 years; Rented Though a challenge at first, Annie managed to create a harmonious space with the illusion of having separate rooms in what would otherwise be an open studio. Her small apartment is a mixture of modern furniture and items that tell stories of her favorite memories: decorative bones from when she lived in New Mexico, gifts from friends and family, and books she loves that…

Annie's Harmonious Oakland Studio

Ever used a bookshelf as a room divider? If you live in an apartment in a big city, such as New York City, Chicago or San Francisco, then chances are you’ve certainly either done it or considered it. Because every single square foot is at a high premium! Especially if you are renting either your …

25 Creative Ideas for using Bookshelves as Room Dividers

Because your studio apartment have small space, doesn’t mean it has to feel like a tiny dorm room. But with a little space planning and the right decor, you can maximize every square inch of your place. Try to design and… Continue Reading →