• Jennifer Manista

    Marshmallow catapult. Good idea for teaching simple machines/ mechanical advantage.

  • Janna Banana

    Recycled tissue box - marshmallow catapult! Along with many other Earth Day kids crafts

  • Becky Nagy

    Marshmallow Catapult I (Becky) did a dry-run sample on this fun craft before teaching the kiddies. Tips: Careful handling of the tissue box so it holds its shape; secure the rubber band to the tip of the pencil with another rubber band so it doesn't slip off when "firing."

  • No. California Dreamin . . .

    Upcycled tissue box - marshmallow catapult! Okay, better suited for a playroom. But, my son has had this toy in his room for two yrs. he loves the thing. I cant believe it still does anything. But this is really a great idea for kids.

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