ALL daddies should have this! hahahaha

25 adult jokes in cartoons. YES!

This could be a really fun "first picture" to send to people. Hilarious. HAHAHAHA

This is so funny and awesome

When this baby discovered that his dad can control gravity: | The 35 Happiest Things That Have Ever Happened

50 most WTF animal pics of the year. 24 made me laugh for a good minute. This picture is the best.

This one really made me laugh!

31 awesome dads.

A T-shirt everyone should own

Hehe a girl at my school was wearing this shirt today and I thougt it was awesome!!! :) – Shirtoopia

I can fix that... Good god

It gets better every time I look at it. I'm crying from laughing so hard!!!


Gaan we doen. Pies nou al in mn broek van het lachen...

This husband who cannot wait an extra 5 minutes: 25 Husbands Who Must Be Stopped

Hey man a slurpee is a slurpee hahaha horrible

I'm sorry y'all, but this is too funny!

All men should make coffee for their women!

warning, my sense of humor may hurt your feelings. i suggest you - get – Shirtoopia

hilarious. sooo funny