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I'd block you, but then I couldn't see all the stupid things you put on Facebook and make fun of you for them.

This explains why I can watch "Mean Girls" over and over and over. It also no longer reminds me of being at work.

make me laugh! This is what every person that works for lowes or has worked for lowes does when the phone rings I'm a department or at the desk ! Lmfao

oh gosh so true! most popular phrase of nursing students, "at least i passed!" ahahhahah

I JUST LAUGHED OUT LOUD SO LOUD hahahah this is hilarious to me

Real or not real? Sarah Rose Reynolds I thought you might enjoy this, it's the 18th century guy :)

But mostly because there are no pictures of me running. I intended to keep I that way.

Reasons to date me...bahahahaha!

Every time Peeta Mellark/Josh Hutcherson smiles, a puppy is born. ----- I may be addicted to pinterest as I feel compelled to keep pinning these great finds. :3

josh hutcherson can just marry me now. i would have his babies no questions asked. p.s. this is katniss's herp derp face! X)

Little Manhattan, Kicking and screaming, Zathura, RV, Bridge to teribithia, Firehouse dog, Vampires assistant, Kids are alright, Hunger games. One of these days I will have a JHutch marathon and watch them all.