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Painter, muralist. Born on December 8, 1886, in Guanajuato, Mexico. Now thought to be one of the leading artists of the twentieth century

Diego Rivera biography on his life and on his art. He was a conceptual painter from mexico

The ancient Purepecha of Mexico, from a mural by Diego Rivera.

This detail from Rivera's National Palace murals shows the ancient culture of the Purepecha people.

Diego Rivera

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DIEGO RIVERA…"Mexican painter and the husband of Frida Kahlo. His large wall works in fresco helped establish the Mexican Mural Movement in Mexican art.

Diego Rivera as a student in Europe, c.1908-1915

Diego Rivera as a student in Europe,

Immagine correlata

Immagine correlata

Untitled (Couple and Pig). diego rivera

Diego Rivera (Mexican -Untitled (Couple and Pig)