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Caramel apple bites

POISON APPLE BITES- What a great Idea! Instead of a whole caramel apple, Give your guests easy to eat bite size pieces! Add some red apples, too

Use a melon baller to make mini caramel apples...perfect for little people.

Mini Caramel Apples -- *brilliant* -- Use a melon baller, scoop out apple bites and soak them in water to keep from browning then put a skewer in each one and dip them in caramel

Caramel Apple Grapes...They taste JUST like little mini caramel apple bites! // fun hors d'oeuvres for holiday parties

Caramel Apple Grapes

Looks like a good party food idea- Caramel Apple Grapes.They taste JUST like little mini caramel apple bites!

Super Stuffz: Mini Caramel Apple Bites

Mini Caramel Apple Bites- I could do without the sprinkles but the rest is genius! a cool tailgate snack? I think this is such a great Idea, those huge candy apples are just to big.

Caramel apple bites done right! Melon ball with skin on, 50/50 hard Werther caramel and soft caramel- twirl mixture on like spun sugar - not dip because that doesn't work!

mini caramel apples, using a melon baller, soo much easier to eat!mini caramel apples, using a melon baller, soo much easier to eat!

Mini caramel apples - use a melon baller to make them small. Haven't tried it, but love the idea. Seems like the apple would be too firm?

Mini Candy Caramel Apples - made for Joe's Pumpkin-themed Birthday party. Dipped in orange, white and black sprinkles. Everyone enjoyed and not nearly as messy as full caramel apples!

Take a bite into fall with Caramel Apples! Love the trick of dipping the apples into boiling water first.

Have Some Fun with Caramel Apples!

Did you know: Making caramel apples is infinitely easier when you dunk them in boiling water first to remove the waxy coating? It works! Click through for step-by-step instructions (with photos) for m (Carmel Apple Recipes)