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John Mayer

Funny pictures about John Mayer replies to one of his fans. Oh, and cool pics about John Mayer replies to one of his fans. Also, John Mayer replies to one of his fans photos.

To the person that created this: Accept my virtual applause.

Best of Anchorman…

Funny pictures about Best of Anchorman. Oh, and cool pics about Best of Anchorman. Also, Best of Anchorman.

John Mayer

I'm sorry but I pretty much think this sometimes :)

This seems much more reasonable that those werewolves & vampires.

It's not that I don't love you, it's just that I love John Mayer more.

blue valentine

20 Fully Appropriate Movie Quotes To Use In Your Valentine's Card...

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine. "Which makes you insane"



Here are a batch of funny pictures that are pure coincidences. I like the Taylor Swift one! (I used to drive long haul)

oh so often - but, still not as much as I used to! Awesomness!

Relatable Post: That fail moment when you attempt to pull your blanket up, and punch yourself in the face

I think the last word has finally been said.

The 32 Best New Memes Of 2012

This is how dumb body shaming is. <--- it's body shaming when you're naturally thin, not when you're clearly starving yourself for a beauty ideal. Insinuating that narcissism is evolution is also fucking stupid.