• Kari Crist

    Rubbing alcohol used to lift hair spray residue - Rubbing Alcohol as Hairspray Remover Lift off hair-spray residue from bathroom walls. Spray a mixture of one part rubbing alcohol, two parts water, and a dash of dishwashing liquid onto vinyl wallpaper or semigloss (not flat) paint. Wipe clean

  • Helene Csvany

    Rubbing alcohol used to lift hair spray residue. Lots of other cleaning ideas on the web page too.

  • Tonya Sills-Naccarato

    Use rubbing alcohol to remove hairspray residue on bathroom walls and counters. Just spray a mixture of one part rubbing alcohol, two parts water, and a dash of dishwashing liquid onto vinyl wallpaper or semigloss (not flat) paint. Wipe clean.

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