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My So-Called Life - Jared Leto and Claire Danes - Along with The Wonder Years, the best written and acted shows about the struggles of growing up in one's own skin and trying to find friends and love for who you are.

Rob Gilbert- Jared Leto circa 1994-1995 fits the bill for Rob almost perfectly. I hate to mash the character of Rob in with Jordan Catalano, though, because the older I get, the more I dislike the character. Let me put it this way. Rob is less selfish and much smarter. haha That sounds mean and I'm sure my 15-year-old self would hate me for putting it that way. And, as a nod to the rocker character his name is Rob (for Rob Halford) and Gilbert (for Paul Gilbert. :D

My So-Called Life - watched it religiously, dyed my hair red, and fell in love with Jared Leto

The Mysterious Stoner: Jordan Catalano - "My So-Called Life" | The 9 Types Of '90s TV Bad-Boy Boyfriends

We'll probably love Jordan Catalano forever, right?

"Blister In The Sun" is the perfect song to dance around your bedroom to when you've just gotten over someone. {My So-Called Life}

Who didn't want to be the girl leaning against the lockers like that?

Please tell me someone out there has seen My So-Called Life. It's amazing. Jordan Catalano was extremely swoon worthy.

Jared Leto (Jordan Catalano), I was in love with Jordan Catalano when My So-Called Life came out!

Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano, My So Called Life