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    BAHAHAHA! best mix ever

    • Erica Stricklen

      Boyfriend left girlfriend this epic gift - hahahahahh (NOT ME) I would sing: Hey heres some Midol, those cramps are crazy, and theres no bright side, still no baby!

    • Lauren Presley

      In case you can't read "Hey here some Midol those cramps are crazy Here's the bright side ......... It's not a baby" -made me laugh out loud!!!

    • Pat Perry

      A boyfriend’s sense of humor… | Funny Pictures, Quotes, Pics, Photos, Images. Videos of Really Very Cute animals.

    • Amanda Knight

      Hahaha for those of you who can't read it it says “ here's some midol" "Those cramps are crazy.." " Here's the bright side .... its not a baby..."

    • Karleen Grothe

      well this gave me a good giggle Boyfriend left girlfriend this epic gift - hahahahahha

    • Jim Neary

      Here's some midol Those cramps are crazy Here's the bright side It's not a baby :)

    • J G

      lol.....hahaha funny thing is I say this every month thank god its not a baby

    • Taylor Bumgarner

      "Here's the bright side... its not a baby" Laughed so hard.

    • Cydney Hernandez

      But here's the bright's not a baby. funny stuff

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