Grandparents' Day Handprint plate

Handprint Plate @Casee Corcoran Meach Corcoran Meach Corcoran Meach Crystal cute for gardening mothers day gift

handprints and footprints

Small canvas handprint!

Baby Handprint - This is the hand you used to hold when i was...

Hold their hearts and many more infant handprint gift ideas

Salt dough

DIY idea for a great gift. Mothers and Grandmothers will love this! Can also make on a canvas or T-shirt. So many ideas

Apron for grandma?

handprint crafts | Handprint craft | crafts

Mother's day gift. Diy. Homemade. Tongue depressors glued together with hot glue. Spray painted yellow. Used some old puzzle pieces and spray painted them pink. Used paint pen to write and do some dots. Hot glued ribbon to hang from door knob. SUPER CUTE. EASY EASY EASY.

I'm Hooked On My Daddy handprint plate, but you could do this as a birthday card, a shirt, a picture or hat.

Handprint Flowers ~ This would be a neat idea for a Mother's Day craft for kids.

Muffins with mom gift

Handprint Mother's Day Bouquet

Flower Prints

Handprint Flower Tote Bag | Click Pic for 20 DIY Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Kids to Make | Homemade Mothers Day Crafts for Toddlers to Make

Christmas gift?

Valentine's Day Handprint Craft.. aww.

Mothers day craft.