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This particular one obviously won't work, but I love this idea! Child-safe AND adorable. I can probably make something up like this. When I do, I'll update my pin! :D

Rotating outlet. You can now plug in and turn to make space for a second oversize plug in the same outlet.

Pop up outlets - in the kitchen. In the floor of the dining room (for when you want to put a buffet on the table and use crock pots, or for lighted centerpieces, or...), In the living room, so end tables don't have to be up against the wall....

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way better than having to plug into your computer to charge!

Outlets hidden under the cabinets so they don't interrupt the backsplash design

Node Electric Outlet. Well, I never! Wow. So one can plug in, literally all of the way around that thingy? Where have I been living that I haven't seen this before now!??

I've never seen one of these but I'm going to find one!,,,,cool Awesome gadget: Node Electric Outlet

Get rid of those outdated almond-colored outlets! How to replace electrical outlets!

DIY sofa table - a little table with electrical outlets behind your couch instead of a coffee table so you have more room and can easily plug in your electronics!

This is infinitely cooler than that weird thing you made out of your baby lotion bottle or whatever.