Tommy Flanagan. Great actor. Plus, you have to respect a man who survived a Glasgow Smile.

Chris Evans

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Kevin Costner

Chris Hemsworth

Tommy Flanagan

Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy.

Johnny Depp.

Tommy Flanagan <3 ù_ù

Hands down favorite, hottest actor. Love him.

Tommy Flanagan

Chibs // Sons Of Anarchy Tommy Flanagan my older man crush!

Luke Bryan <3

Chibs - Sons of Anarchy Spent the day in our dealership this summer! Signed autographes, took pics... He is AWESOME!

Actor Gerard Butler leading actor in P.S. I Love You. And The Phantom from Phantom of the Opera...

A friend's report said I drooled all over myself and I even didn't notice

Nothing like classic suspenders and a bowtie to make a statement. ^RV

charlie hunnam

Johnny Depp