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If we had to have guns, I'd like the inside of the gun vault to look like this.

Hidden Gun Cabinet Double Library II. Not just for guns - cause I don't have any - think of all the cool stuff I could hide in here!!!

Evan a girl could use this. Series 1450 Lockable Concealment Cover & Insert Bundle | Tactical Walls


Hidden in wall Gun Cabinet with Hidden keypad

Picture of Hidden in wall Gun Cabinet with Hidden keypad. Good for things, other than guns, too.

Tactical Wallsfrom Tactical Walls

1450M Bundle


If there is to be a gun in my house...this is how well it must be hidden and locked up!

Tactical Walls - Our 1450 Concealment Cover is handmade right here in the United States! This bundle includes our 1440 insert AND our 1410 insert, perfect for as many as two rifles, two handguns and a flashlight, accessory shelf to help organize your goods, and a cover to hide and protect it all. Includes: (1) Locking Concealment Cover, (1) Magnetic Key, (1) 1440 Insert, (1) 1410 Insert, (1) Accessory Shelf, (1) 45° Accessory Hangers, (1) 90° Accessory Hangers, (1) Flashlight Hanger

Tactical Wallsfrom Tactical Walls

1450 Concealment Cover

1450: New American Frame w/ Mirror Cover (Open) and Black Insert

Hidden compartment behind flag. Would have to change to Aussie flag, and hide something other than guns :/

A Long-Term Survival Guide - Hidden Storage and Secret Compartments | Scribd

Tactical Wallsfrom Tactical Walls

1450 Concealment Cover

Tactical Walls Concealment Options lol #diy #home #decor

Tactical Wallsfrom Tactical Walls

1242 rls

Tactical Walls - Rifle length shelf - folds up! Could also be used for something other than guns.

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How To Hide A Gun With A Picture Frame

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