BRUSHES :: Sherwin Williams Premium XL Polyester Tight Spots Short Handle :: 2" brush good for use in all paints. Tapered to a sharp edge. Polyester filaments are durable & easy to clean. Ergonomic rubberized handle reduces hand fatigue. Short handle is easy to maneuver & fits into tight spaces i.e. corners, closets & cabinets. :: A great all around brush for refinishing & all painting projects! | #paintbrush #sherwinwilliams


The Crazy Sisters were right: add floetrol by sherwin williams to your paint when painting furniture or cabinets and it will take away all of those brush stroke marks and leave the paint smooth.

Herb Keeper - Keep fresh herbs or asparagus crisp and green longer than mere refrigeration by immersing the stems in water. Clear plastic keeper has a removable insert with water fill line and perforated cup for easy draining. Green silicone gasket provides resistance, allowing herbs to rest in a raised position for easy access. Large capacity keeper fits in most refrigerator doors.

Sherwin Williams- Mindful Gray paint. Our Master Bedroom Paint Color. Love rug and color scheme.

Painting doorknobs

PAINTING | SEALER :: Modern Masters Dead Flat Varnish :: No more sanding / wet sanding to knock off the shine off varnished furniture! An reviewer stated other water-based poly brands, even the flattest, was too shiny, went on unevenly & never dried. She found this & said the quality was "OUTSTANDING," went on 100x better, dried so smooth (no more sanding btwn coats), had NO SHINE OR BRUSH MARKS & looked like pro work, not a home job (& was able to varnish 4 large pieces of furniture)!

PAINTING | SUPPLIES :: Paint Conditioner (i.e. Flood Floetrol Clear Latex Paint Additive @ Home Depot, 6.97/qt) :: A paint conditioner is a MUST HAVE for brush & roller apps--it slows the drying process & helps prevent streak marks. Follow the bottle's directions & mix it in with your latex paint. :: It works well for faux finishes as it allows you to use your final color paint & very easily fine sand thru to expose the underlying stain/color. It can be glazed, waxed or urethane over.

PAINTING | SUPPLIES / PREP :: Add a conditioner--it helps reduce brush marks :: Most pros prefer to use oil-based paint on trim for two reasons: Oil-based paint levels out better & doesn’t dry as fast as water-based, leaving more time to brush & a smoother surface. But water-based paint is more environmentally friendly, less stinky and easier to clean up. So, you can make water-based paint perform more like oil paint by adding latex paint conditioner. Floetrol is a good brand.

CHALK PAINT :: This is so easy and inexpensive to make.

This site has a TON of painting tips! Must go to this site before painting anything.

rub n' buff gold paint makes it easy to look like gold leafing.

Great tutorial for using dry brush paint technique: This, That and Life

Floating Book Shelves

Vintage-Washed Belgian Linen Quilt & Shams. Wow.

#Mudpaint – New Line of Vintage Furniture Paint :: Mudpaint has great coverage, a perfect finish for antiquing and aging, and a smooth, very durable texture. It requires no priming on most wood surfaces & goes further than most others! The creators of Mudpaint have extensive furniture painting experience and have created a formula unlike any other furniture paint using materials not included in any other paint formula. (8 oz. Sample $9.95 / Quart $36.95)

Use a brush comb after each use to help you scrape dried bits of paint out of your brush. Your brushes will last longer #paint #tip #painting | From The Home Depot Apron blog

So smart. Paint Brush Holder - GREAT idea. Cut foam pipe insulation to fit sides of container... and cut slits in foam.

Use leftover pieces of wood to wrap around your couch or chair arm for a customized mini tray to hold your drinks. So simple....why didn't I think of this!

Easy DIY Chalk Paint Recipe! This a huge money saver especially if you are painting medium to big sized items.