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Photo Finish: Kodak to Stop Selling Digital Cameras

In a cost-cutting move and a signal of the company's poor financial situation, Eastman Kodak on Thursday announced it plans to stop selling digital cameras. The company, which f...

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The information and also the applications of the digital camera lenses to the different circumstances are a couple different things.

"You've Taken Quite a Fall" by Thomas Hawk, via Flickr. Compartmentalized into always having to be "ON!"...

I'm from Rochester, NY-- it's hard to not be proud... EASTMAN KODAK

Photography Print of Vintage Kodak Junior by MPoirierPhotography, $30.00

ahhhh Im so excited to go to the american pickers store in iowa cuz they have these types of old vintage cameras ahhh i hope some are in my price range! ♥

.I love old cameras! They're just super cool! I can't help but wonder what all they've caputured...

My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic with the flashcube, circa 1966. And of course during my years as a 35mm photog, I used Kodak film -- lots of Kodak film, including bulk film that I rolled into cartridges. Tri-X, Kodacolor, Ektachrome, Kodachrome... these were brand names that were part of my identity for years.

photography course, want to learn how to make portrets!