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Tile | Made in Damascus, Syria, ca. 1420-1450 | Materials: fritware with polychrome underglaze painting | VA Museum, London

The beautiful Zellige of Morroco (meaning "tile" in Arabic) made their appearance around the 10th century. Probably inspired by the Roman and Byzantine mozaics.

Rajasthan Craft showcases the exclusive art in the form of Holder, Ash Tray, Kitchen Ware, Beads, Hanger, Bowl, Vase, Tiles, Plate and a whole array of Indian art and craft at your doorstep. A trustworthy for your business and household.

Image IRA 0716 featuring decorated area from the Masjid-i-Jami, in Isfahan, Iran, showing Floriated Arabesque and Calligraphy using ceramic tiles, mosaic or pottery.