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Bad mistake

I have natural blonde highlights, so I guess I don't need to, plus I would look terrible if all my hair was blonde

Haha.  If I ever live in America long enough, this would be a fun hobby I think.


maybe not extreme I just would like to become a couponer! << whoo hoo Im a couponer lol

Of the 4 babies, 2 were without any pain meds!

i can't wait to be a mommy and have a little baby girl or boy


Hawaii :) Lived there 18 months. Beautiful place & beautiful time in my life!

I'm going to marry my high school sweet heart on September 17th and I couldn't be any happier

I WILL marry my highschool sweetheart :) I feel so lucky to have found the love of my life so early on. Guess it makes sense, both our parents are highschool sweethearts so we did have some good role models growing up.

Check ✔️ - Used to go all of the time when I was little and the prices were actually affordable

Bucket List : Visit Disney World.ok I've been there a bunch but 1 more time.all the time :)


Before I die. Become a mother.well not really physically. like adopt children.

Built it and plan a stayover with ma frnds....

For some, a treehouse is a fond childhood memory; for others, it is a favorite fantasy. Treehouses have a long history and appear in some of our favorite literary adventures including Robin Hood, Winnie-the-Pooh and The Swiss Family Robinson.

Your Bucket List.


Catch a jar of lightning bugs.Summers in Nashville Tennessee, child hood memory

When I have the money....

Would be nice to actually be able to wear clothes that were in fashion again. Maybe if I get to my goal weight, I will.