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Interesting...Do kids these days have short attention spans, or does the world just move too slow? Gabe Zichermann argues that today's video games are making children smarter -- and we should all embrace the gamification of education and business. #TED #2011

Hackschooling Makes Me Happy: Logan LaPlante at TEDxUniversityofNevada "Schools teach how to make a living not a life!"

TED 2006 - Sir Ken Robinson's Talk on Schools Killing Creativity. I saw this video a few years ago and it led me to his book The Element ( The traditional education model is dead. We need to update it.

It's a simple message about Bullying Awareness - The Indirect Type: Cyber Bullying, Alienation and being Excluded.

Hearing loss simulation, this allows you to hear what people with different levels of hearing loss hear

When a kid is doing what he/she is supposed to be doing and I catch him/her, that student then gets to sign his/her name in a box. At the end of the day, I roll a dice for the letter and the number. The student gets a reward....Behavior Management & teaches co-ordinate points