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    • Vella Fogarty

      Huh, a desktop jellyfish aquarium. This is so random! Who thinks of this stuff, lol!

    • EvieX

      Desktop Jellyfish Tank A Product Design project by ....

    • Kotton Grammer

      Desktop Jellyfish Tank How many of you out there have always wanted a pet fish that would just as soon sting the hell out of you than to look at you? I know I have. And luckily, I can now have the perfect home for my pet beloved. With the Desktop Jellyfish Tank, the problems that come with keeping your jellyfish in a normal aquarium have been solved. See, jellyfish cannot inhabit the standard tank because filtration systems remove the fish part from their name and leave them liquefied jelly. Nasty cleanup and none too fun for the jellyfish either. The Desktop Jellyfish Tank has corrected this problem, and now makes it possible for you to have your own pet jellyfish. And that’s a good thing because they truly are beautiful creatures. They’re just not the type that are going to get excited when you come in from work. But they make one hell of a decoration. As an added perk, it’ll look fantastic in your home next to that Labyrinth Aquarium!…

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    Jellyfish chandelier. Imagine hundreds of these hanging from a ceiling in a large room, at different heights, forming a "bloom" (apparently, the name for a large group of them in one area!)

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    jelly // Teresa Selberg Selberg Banman this should go on your good color combo board

    Flame Jellyfish <-- gasp. I want a salt water fish tank just so i can have Jelly Fish in it! #Dream

    Named the Best Product of the Year at Global Pet Expo, the innovative Jellyfish Tank brings the mysterious world of jellyfish to your desktop.

    jelly lantern~ Tammy Butler I want to make some of these for your lab if you're still sticking with the sea theme!!

    Extreme diver Norbert Wu's Journey into the Antarctic underworld: Showing a medusa or jelly (Desmonema glaciale). It lives near the surface and the bell can reach over one meter in diameter. It is incredibly intricate and beautiful though.

    Awesome photography -Guido Mocafico

    Blue Button Porpita porpita, commonly known as the blue button jellyfish, is not actually a jellyfish, but is a marine organism consisting of a colony of hydroids found in tropical and sub-tropical waters of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans.