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  • Richard Darell

    This is absolutely genius! The solution to oversleeping. #technology #wakeup #app

  • Rachel T

    I would hit dismiss. Go back to sleep. And be late for EVERYTHING!! But excellent idea!!

  • Sarah Beth McCollough

    Best iphone app ever! lol

  • Kendall Baxter

    I'm soo not a morning person.

  • Jonathan Brown

    Alarm Clock Ideas

  • Amerisleep

    Here's one way of waking up on time... #sleephumor #appforthat #snooze #payup #sleep #timeismoney

  • Pixel Dreams

    In this comic, Manu Cornet from Bonkers World has created a solution to snoozing too often -- just involve money. // its expensive not wake up... literally

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No more trash on the streets…men are funny creatures. ;)

This wouldn't work in Bloomington with all the old ladies that just stare through the two inch cracks in the doors

I wouldnt wanna listen to that either!!

When you're trying to sleep but they're still popping fireworks - LOL, so true

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Sleeping with strangers experiment…

I don't have ADHD, but as soon as I fall asleep I start thinking of ALL the things we need to do before we PCS and what we have to pack and what we're going to wear on a get the picture ;)


At a press conference, Gwyneth Paltrow responds in French. Poor Robert Downey Jr is left feeling a bit inadequate. Yet another good reason to study French! (as if we needed one!)

Brain before going to sleep: "Let's think about every mistake you've ever made, shall we?"