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New Uganda Video: Waging Peace Against Joseph Kony

New Uganda Video: Waging Peace Against Joseph Kony

Kony x Supreme collabo.

The Stop Kony movement has exploded across the social media sphere, seeking to end the tyrannical reign of Uganda’s Lord's Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony.

This IDP camp in northern Uganda has been set ablaze to the detriment of the unfortunate and now homeless once living here.  Most have very little, but when the huts catch fire -- which is often in the African heat -- they lose the only form of shelter that they possess. In the documentary, the filmmakers say they have obtained video of Ugandan soldiers setting the huts on fire. The Ugandan government denies its troops would do anything to harm the IDPs in the camps.

This IDP camp in northern Uganda. Their huts often caught on fire, because it was so hot. This is the kinds of camps they went to.

Former child abductee practices with her baby sewing at World Vision Children of War Rehabilitation Center, Gulu, northern Uganda, Dec. 2005. Since the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) waged war against the Ugandan government more than two decades ago, northern Uganda had witnessed more than 30,000 children abducted. Their parents murdered and homes burnt down, children were kidnapped at night, taken to the LRA training camps (the Bush), forced to fight as soldiers or serve as sex slaves…

Former child abductee survived and came out with a child.

STOP Joseph Kony. Here comes help.

Gods looking over everyone, even the kids that were abducted. A lot of them went on to be with him. Gods got his protecting hand over everyone.

Facts About Joseph Kony

Invisible Children, the organization behind the “Kony video that has been viewed more than 100 million times online, wants people around the world on April 20 to hold up posters of Lord’s Resistance Army warlord Joseph Kony and demand his arrest.

Make him Famous!  Joseph Kony 2012

Joseph Kony, a man who abducted children. Made them into sex slaves and made them into killers.

Support the Kony 2012 movement. It's one thing Democrats and Republicans can agree on. We've all been taught about the atrocious events that took place during the holocaust. What's happening in Africa is equally horrible and unjust. Fight for those who can't fight for themselves.

KONY 2012 Action Kit - Campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.

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