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    Love and Worship in China’s ‘Chocolate City’ - Nigerian immigrants struggle to practice their faith in China’s Little Africa.

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      Love and Worship in China’s ‘Chocolate City’ - Nigerian immigrants struggle to practice their faith in China’s Little Africa.

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    As America's middle class shrinks and wealth disparity grows, Africa's middle class is booming. #TakePartWorld

    Zulus-Queen Victoria’s colonial adventurism included expeditions into south central Africa that led to 25 years of war with the native Zulu tribes and Dutch Afrikaners. The Anglo-Zulu War was fought in 1879 between Britain and the Zulus, and signaled the end of the Zulus as an independent nation. It had complex beginnings, some bad decisions and bloody battles that caused the British to engage earlier than they intended, but played out a common story of colonialism


    President Jonathan, 54, possesses the qualities needed at this moment of great challenges, having come to power at a crucial moment in the history of Nigeria. The country has grown out of its past of corruption, mismanagement and brutality

    Herero women, Namibia, © Charles Roffey


    I worship You, Lord #faith



    Africa today!

    Lip plates in Africa: women stretching their lower lips

    QUIZ: Who gets what when it comes to foreign aid? We bet you know more than you think you do. #TakePartWORLD

    The Most Interesting Take on the Ukraine Crisis We've Seen Yet

    Thousands of people are looking for water in unlikely places after an ammonia spill contaminated their water source.

    Lady in Waiting: detail of a limestone relief representing a festive gathering, in the tomb of the vizier Ramose at Thebes, New Kingdom, XVIIIth Dynasty, approx. 1400-1362 B.C.

    crashinglybeautiful: Statue of Maya and Merit Object: StatueDating from: c. 1320 B.C.Material: Limestone Size: 158 x 90 x 120 cm ; c. 1000 kgOrigin: Egypt, Saqqara From: luzfosca & ratak-monodosico

    “I’m a naturalized Italian, but I’m from Ghana. I was abandoned by my parents and adopted by two angels. I suffer with racism everyday. I’m the first black to wear the jersey of Italy. I’m not angry, but my life experiencies make me act differently from other people. Then, try to learn more before you criticize me.” - Mario Balotelli *tears*

    Belgian King Leopold II was responsible for the deaths of 10 million Africans in the Congo. The king used famed explorer Henry Stanley to trick village chieftains into selling their lands to him for token compensation. To the world, he presented a face of benevolence, professing to be anti-slavery and his mission to be charitable. In fact, his personal army forced millions of Africans into de facto slavery to amass a personal fortune from elephant tusks and rubber plants - www.delanceyplace...