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    The internet should be more British...

    Problem Solved.


    Previous Pinner: Funny Quotes About Neighbors | Quotes and Sayings - Messages, Wordings and Gift Ideas so funny hahahaha

    When i saw Snow White and the Huntsman and the queen said "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's fairest of them all" I was like Chris Hemsworth... hahaha @Elyse Armstrong you would love this

    American Child Star vs. British Child Star

    Giggle, giggle.


    From time-to-time your daughter has made you question your sanity.

    This is SO true! If I had any accent I wouldn't shut up. What am I saying? I don't shut up now! LOL!

    fox and the hound

    haha, wait what?

    Secret's out now

    Prince William looks like he's gonna bust out in laughter. LOL

    like a boss

    how many times did that happen before they had to put that on there? wait, maybe i don't want to know....

    not gonna lie. I've done this

    lol I love this commercial.

    Ben's Garden 'I'm Afraid My Train of Thought' Glass Tray