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“An eighteen year old boy is carried into the shock ward, and he looks up at my trustingly asking, “How am I doing, nurse?” I just kiss his forehead and say, “You are doing just fine soldier.” He smiles sweetly and says, “I was just checking,” Then he dies. We all cry in private. But not in front of the boys. Never in front of the boys.” - June Wandrey, "WWII in HD"

The courage and the compassion: A remarkable new book reveals the gruelling work faced by nurses during World War Two

The aftermath of a bombing at a hospital in November, 1940 Nurses doing the cleaning up....

Jane Kendeigh was the first flight nurse in history to set foot upon an active battlefield when she landed on Iwo Jima in support of an aerial evacuation in March 1945. She was also the first flight nurse to land on Okinawa ~

Details about 1940s Pin-Up Girl American Red Cross Nurse WW II Picture Poster Print Art

40's nurse is complete without her mentor was my Aunt Carol, a Navy nurse during world war two

"Nurses of a field hospital who arrived in France via England and Egypt after three years service." Parker, August 12, 1944.