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Anakin Skywalker's REAL issue.

Prince of Egypt Moses and Avengers Loki... a comparison drawn between two characters inspired by, yet very different from their actual, original versions (Bible Moses and Norse Mythology Loki)

Its a Trap!

Star Wars politics - Gets my vote!

Awww man... Poor Luke

Star Wars meme - The Emperor - So is nerdiness the dark side of the force?

Star Wars

Don't Mess with a Princess

Wookie the Chew. This is amazing.

The movie kinda skipped over the whole brother-sister kissing thing. The fans, however, did not.

Very true.

The troops

Poor Obi-Wan. If you'll remember, in episode II, he tells Anakin that he'll be the death of him. It happens. <<< that line kills me every time that I see it.

STAR WARS Meets HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER  - News - GeekTyrant

Lando - Stay Classy!

Men's Cufflinks