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  • Andrea Knight

    "Willy Word" and "Lucy Letter" are made from flyswatters. (There are smaller ones for smaller books.)

  • Teresa (Terri) Sutherland

    Word and Letter Recognition

  • Stephanie A.

    Here's another idea I wanted to share.  I saw these revamped fly swatters on Kim Adsit's webpage and wanted to make some of my own.  They are a HUGE hit with my students.  "Willy Word" and "Lucy Letter," a.k.a. "Sissy Space-It" are great for pointing out words, letters, and spaces on chart messages and big books.  I made smaller versions for the children to use with regular books using large craft sticks and plastic canvas.

  • Ayz Mabunay

    Creative Teaching: I did it! Crate seats!

  • Jennifer Lewis Eidson

    Cute teaching tool

  • Shannon Ford

    cute...Willy Word and Lucy Letter (Made with fly swatters)

  • Mme. Escargot

    Creative Teaching: Lucy letter and Willy word pointers

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Yes Indeed! You can never have enough pointers! :)

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