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Top 20+ Metal Barndominium Floor Plans for Your Home!

need to do this when we remodel our house =) cool idea Dear future me: carve names into wood floor of house built together. ♥ Must remember to do this if I ever get the chance to build my dream home!

I knew there was a reason I hate being cold at night

WTF-fun-facts : funny & weird facts---Hmmm, that's funny, sometimes my room gets pretty cold but I don't have many nightmares, or atleast they don't seem that scary when I wake up.

chambre corail - Recherche Google

I hate this color but I love the way the color pops all over the room. I could see this done with red or even black. Just replace the "Tiffany blue" with a different color. This idea could be used in modern or traditional home decor.

sweet wooden sleeping nook

Chalet Sagittaire

One day I will have a house where my bedroom is huge, but my actual bed is in a nook with a window, and covered / blocked from the room with curtains. The rest of my room will be reserved for non-sleeping purposes.

P I A N ao

beas-little-boho-corner I can do without all the clutter and the hanging plant, but the old tub with picture window looking out into the woods calls to me.

This gorgeous bedroom is the perfect cozy reading nook for a bookworm who wants to curl up under the treetops.