torchlight aqua aura cactus necklace $145.00

manimania bronze metal ring with black tourmaline crystal

Mineral Necklaces



Crystal And Rhinestone Cuff Ring -- Jewels. All That Glitters. Pretty Things. Diamonds. Jewelry. Accessories. Bling. Crystals. Rings. Crowns. Shine. Ice.

Purple Amethyst Crystal Necklace

This is so Gaga meets Billy idol meets my mom! And I feel like it would give me magical powers! :)

Cute - Etsy $23.00

lauren passenti pod ring


Aukai aqua aura raw crystal ring

Stratosphere Necklace

hamsa hand necklace - Crystal necklaces

Cartier Biennale Necklace - White gold, one briolette-cut diamond, rock crystal, brilliants.

Babette von Dohnanyi

Cute, cute, cute. Don't look at the price of the earrings. though. YIKES.

Sparkling Stud Earrings with Gold Wrap.

Crystal necklaces.