• Christine Geasey

    Though the dress still shows off her womanly curves, it also shows a softer side to Marilyn Monroe

  • lex clark

    Marilyn Monroe-Im saying this again for anyone who didnt read my pin last time- marilyn monroe was a size 10 model, although most models now days are a size 0-1....crazy how much things have changed, no wonder so many girls have self image issues:(

  • Clous Mcmous

    Marilyn Monroe #marilyn #monroe---what a natural beauty

  • Angelina Shatzka

    Real beauty is when the inside beauty shines through.. #marilyn #monroe

  • Desirée .

    #marilynmonroe #normajean #beautiful #inspiration

  • Jackie Schwind

    Real women have curves! Marilyn Monroe #marilyn #monroe

  • Lowaa 8')

    look at her curves. & she was an idol. Women wanted to be her & men wanted her. & now think about who the majority of the population considers idols.. annorexic girls with huge boobs. They got it right in the 1950s. MM Marilyn Monroe Norma Jean Kibbe Romantic R

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I will have this dress for my next wedding! Lol


Lovely lovely lovely!!!


The fabric manipulation on this garment is incredible. Its amazing how detailed historic garments are!

gorgeous dress!

Cinderella's ballgown, Cinderella (2015).

Charbel Zoe Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Couture

Green Lehenga

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Nicolas Jebran 2012 *Gold Haute Couture*

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Pink Dress

Jill Stuart Maxi Dress Pascale De Groof

Merle Oberan wore this gorgeous champagne-colored empire gown in the 1954 movie, DESIREE OMG!!!


loredo 1860's dresses.

Angelica Huston's costume as the Baroness Rodmilla De Ghent in "Ever After" (1998), 16th Century costume design by Jenny Beavan.

Travel Dress - Basia collector. Studio for historical fashion, gothic and fantasy. Renaissance Gallery

Green velour dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in The River of No Return