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This is really a poster idea, but I think I would like to put it on my door. You should let students know you're happy they're there. 7812

Classroom Decor Classroom Sign Teacher by LittleLifeDesigns -- I will definitely use this because it gives each student a sense of value.that they are respected and loved in my classroom. It also creates a welcoming environment.

Cute sign for the classroom- have to pay for this one but could make your own. Blogger is a second grade teacher, lots of fun stuff!

I think it's important to have classroom rules and expectations up around the classroom so the students have reminders about acceptable behavior. I would probably hang this by a group work area in a classroom for a younger grade.

positive encouragement | Positive Thoughts | WINGS OF ENCOURAGEMENT, Wendy Box

Positive Thoughts

Reminds me of my son, he frequently says, "We had a great day today". I love the optimism in it. We make an effort to learn one new thing everyday, very fun for kids AND parents.

I saw this idea here on Pinterest made on chart paper...so I made my own "Poster"...I LOVE IT!

Just another bit of spunk and a hint of classroom management. This creative poster is a way to insure that your students are always looking thier best. via valerie noles

Welcome your students to school with this polka-dot poster!

Welcome your students to school with this polka-dot poster! Also serves as a great example of an acrostic poem :)

An Educator's Life: An In-Depth Tour of Mr. Hughes' Classroom

I love his bling bulletin board idea! Would love to have a bulletin board with the learn quote like his in my future classroom! An In-Depth Tour of Mr Hughes Classroom