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Circumcision knife vintage surgical tool: Ritual circumcision is performed around the world in varying extents and for varying reasons, but few instruments used in the process are as intimidating as this European knife from the 18th century. OUCH

Olive Oatman, first tattooed white woman in the U.S. She received her tattoos after being abducted by Indians.

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must-have makeup brushes (HOLY CITY CHIC)

A rapier, manufactured in the mid-19th century by the technology of the old masters as a gift to one high-ranking person. Such exceptionally flexible rapiers were made in Toledo in the beginning of 17th century. They were sold in gun shops and coiled in a circle to show its flexible properties. I need one!!!

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29 things to do with a pool noodle

Life size Lincoln Logs made out of pool noodles. 15 of them from the dollar store and cut to size. Notches also cut with scissors.

Lock, 14th Century French, made of iron. The Cloisters Collection

∷ Variations on a Theme ∷ Collection of Ottoman Damascened Caligrapher's Tools, 19th Century

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1,700-Year-Old Roman Mosaic Discovered During City Sewer Construction Project

A massive, well-preserved 1,700 year-old Roman mosaic was recently unearthed while performing city sewer construction.

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1751 SURGERY TOOLS engraving riginal antique medical instruments doctor print

Surgical tools — Original antique medical, 1751

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Hold for Misambroseberline 1800s Antique Sterling Bloodletting Knife Medical Surgical Victorian Bleeder Doctor Ancient Practice Old Medicine

bloodletting knife.

Antique English surgical instruments and case, c. 1650