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    Terrifying Vintage Surgical Tools

    These vintage surgical tools look and sound more like medieval torture, including the tonsil guillotine and the bloodletting scarificator.
    • Chelsea Williams

      ramirezdahmerbundy: Circumcision Knife - circa 1770 Ritual circumcision is performed around the world in varying extents and for varying reasons, but few instruments used in the process are as intimidating as this European knife from the 18th century.

    • Cody Tolbert

      13 Scary Vintage Medical Instruments |

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    Scary stuff..looks like slender man




    22 months old boy lights a cigarette. Los Angeles. Photo ca.1920/30. S)

    Tabitha: Possessed Doll??

    First photograph of possession


    Albert Fish Crime Scene | ... Real Serial Killer Footage Albert Fish and Andrei Chikatilo NSFW

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    This mugshot...Makeup fail.

    let me in


    So Uh… Don’t Microwave A Cellphone -lol it's kinda creepy in a way lol

    According to Catholic doctrine, a person who dies with only slight sins on their soul goes to purgatory to be cleansed by fire before floating off to heaven. At the Church of the Sacred Heart in the Prati district of Rome, there is a small museum tucked away behind a side altar. It is the Purgatory museum. This truly scary place has exhibits which document cases of souls in purgatory coming back to earth to haunt the living. Some of the items on display are a table with scorch marks and lines c…

    Welcome to the lobotomy ladies... Men had the right to demand their wives or daughters be lobotomized against their will.... so that will teach you to be cheerful while you scrub the floors...(Joseph Kennedy, father of JFK, had his daughter lobotomized.)

    "The famous Weerdinge men after their discovery in 1904: In a time long before modern forensic science, the local constabulary decided to transfer the soggy cadavers to the nearest morgue in a very peculiar fashion. They rolled up the bodies of the two men like human scrolls, wrung them out, and stuffed them into a box."

    People have been finding strange holes in Russian forests. This has been occurring since the end of the 1980s. This strange phenomenon consists of deep holes that appear suddenly in the dense forests, in those places that no truck or car can get to, let alone drill anything. If these holes are being dug, there is no soil around these holes that indicate that they have been drilled. People who have gone down these holes haven’t found anything, and there is no answer on how these holes are made.

    A Knight's Grave

    this picture was taken on January6,2002 in Bonn (Germany)in front of the Beethoven monument.

    Often when people are kept alive when meant to die, the soul leaves the body, much like a car left running with the door open. Another soul can occupy it.

    The story behind this pic from the U.K. is that a man took a photo of his Christmas tree and noticed a baby’s face in the background. Do you see it? While some might say the “face” is an excellent example of pareidolia, the man and his family, which includes a newborn, have been spooked by ghostly whispers in their home and think it might be a sign of something else.

    COVERT SCIENCE: EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG. Visiting Carlsbad Caverns in 1966, 7 year old Celia Barton said something was 'grabbing at her' as she followed her parents while strolling down to the cavern’s Big Room. Annoyed that she kept activating her Instamatic's flash, her father finally confiscated the camera. Later, this picture was developed. Celia said she thought it wanted to play with her, but it smelled bad, 'like an old banana peel.’ "What you don't know can hurt you. 1860-1998."