We could make these and wear on field trips

Girl Scout Decal - or tshirt design

Girl Scout "How To...." Page. Lots of great ideas for Girl Scout activities, crafts, games, etc.

Recipe Girl Scout Troop

Daisy Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts

Gift for the little to-be Daisy Scouts!?

Girl Scout Troop Shirt

Kaper Chart for Brownie Scout meetings. When girls arrive for meetings, they reach into a bag and pick, without looking, a bracelet (plastic beads on elastic). The bracelets are in colors that correspond to each of the trefoils on this chart, and each girl is assigned the task on her trefoil. Bracelets are left behind at the end of the meeting to be reused at subsequent meetings.

Olive & Frank, Girl Scout Raglan Tee, $46.00, view here.

Welcome to Brownies

Custom Girl Scout Troop Leader Shirts - Full Color Printed Shirts w/ Your Troop Number. $15.00, via Etsy.

GIrl scout tshirt

Brownie Girl Scout

Excellent for activities and filler ideas - COmputer Expert Badge also....Things to Do with Girl Scout Brownies Volunteer Resource Guide

girl scout blog

Girl Scout Cookie Booth! - Add pendants with price, OCD, etc?

cool shirt for scouts