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    How to Build a Compost Tumbler - YES!!

    Don't spend a bunch of money on a compost tumbler. Learn how to make one for less that $20 with supplies you can get at your local home improvement store! Supplies Needed: One 15 Gallon trash can with lid (black) 2 bungees A drill and 5/16 bit

    DIY compost tumbler ..the guys at the Extension office made these for a test ..they bought used barrels from a surplus store , just be careful what was in the barrels prior to purchase ...made a support , I think theirs had rollers ... drilled holes for air and a door with a latch then filled them up with a mix of wet ,and dry, and turned away ..a bit more than that but it isn't hard

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    Make your own compost tumbler.

    I adore this idea. I'm going to become a guerrilla gardener!! :-) How to make seed balls. Seed balls are great for reclaiming derelict areas with thin or poor soil, making them ideal tools for guerrilla gardening. Especially useful for tossing into empty or neglected lots. Best thrown just before a rainy spell to ensure germination

    I shred all of my junk mail, and add my kitchen scraps (no meat or dairy). The black plastic heats the compost within beautifully. When I open it to add more, I always see the tell-tale steam of cooking compost, and smell the gentle sweetness of same. Can't wait to harvest my first batch.

    Another do it yourself compost tumbler

    Compost Tumbler DIY - Fill with yard and kitchen scraps, turn twice a week.

    just in case you don’t want to go spend your hard earned dollars buying a fancy composter in excess of $100 bucks or more, I thought I would show you how to make your own using some recycled and some store bought materials for about $30 in a matter of hours.

    Use PVC piping with holes for aeration of compost pile - no need to turn it over. Brilliant ! @Richelle Davis

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    How to make a compost tumbler

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    LOVE this composting bin. I wonder could you do the same with wood taken from recycled pallets?

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