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Great idea I repinned from someone else! Cover a flat cookie sheet ($1 store!) with fabric and get an instant magnet board.

Fabric-covered cookie sheet makes an ingenious magnetic board. - I've always just used patterned paper to cover cookie sheets, never thought of fabric.

How to make a Magnetic Board!!! (another fun way to display kids school art projects?!) want to make one for my office!

a little of this, a little of that: Fabric Covered Magnet Board Tutorial

Don't ask for "Sheet Metal" because that is super expensive...some were $40 a sheet. Go to the metal chimney or roof venting section. The pieces came in 2 sizes. This one was the largest 24" x 36" and they were only $5.00 and $7.00 each

Happy Tuesday everyone!Woo Hoo that means food! space Do you remember this post .the framed magnetic board?

Why havent I done this with my ugly plastic drawers? So easy!" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

Love this! Great way to dress up those ugly plastic drawers! Plastic Drawers ReDo with step by step directions! I have those plastic drawers!

$1 store pebbles, glue gun & shelf liner!  Interesting.

DIY DOOR MAT: Glue Gun, Scissors, River Rocks at the dollar Store! and Shelf Liner (or mat) in a matching color. So great - it's hard to find a door mat that is large enough to go in front of the door with out looking rinky-dink and stupid :)

flat cookie sheet covered in fabric becomes a cute magnet board

Fabric Magnet Board 12 x 12 Tarika in Neutral by LivyLouDesigns. Flat cookie sheet covered in fabric becomes magnetic board.

Cookie sheet + fabric = magnetic board. Love this!  need to do this for pantry!  Plenty of fabric lying around!

Love this! need to do this for pantry! Plenty of fabric lying around. Need to make my mag-makeup board like this!

Dollar store platters covered in chalkboard paint. Cute for notes.

old trays from thrift stores (or cookie sheets from the DollarTree), add chalkboard paint.but use the diy chalkboard paint for fun colors!

Cover a baking tray in fabric - and turn it into a magnetic board! Perfect way to retire scratchy boards!

Just a baking pan wrapped in fabric! Such a great idea for a magnetic message board! Or try cork board for a pin board

Chalkboard ANY surface, in ANY color! Boom, this is the tutorial for YOU!

chalkboard any surface in any color

super cool - this CLEAR chalkboard paint goes over ANY other paint, turning it into a chalkboard surface! chalkboard any surface in any color - Lolly Jane