My daughter's christening gown. I had this gown, bonnet and over coat sewn from my wedding dress. It was a wonderful way to honor our wedding day and turn my wedding dress into a family heirloom. I hope this inspires more people to make an heirloom and start such a beautiful family tradition!

blessing dress

Heirloom Christening gown - step by step

Christening Gown Hand Knit in white organic cotton for Baby Girl Baptism

Repurposed Wedding Dress. Baby Blanket & Bear--I like the fabric; might get one of those scary wedding dresses from goodwill to use

Christening gown made from wedding dress I always wanted to do this with my gown and I still had enough to do Bassenet

family keepsakes from wedding gowns

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wedding dress repurposed into a christening gown - my mom did this for my girls and I hope I can one day too

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Christening gown made from wedding dress

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Christening gown from your wedding dress.

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Love heirloom...

turn your wedding dress into a christening gown by upcycling it!