40 secret iPhone features and shortcuts

Tip: How to Make Your iPhone or iPad Run Faster

Use this little trick when you want to go back and forth between the alpha and numeric keyboard. Like, maybe you want to type a password that is a mix of letters and numbers. Click the “123” button and slide up to the character you want to input. When you let go, the screen will jump back to the alphabet keyboard. | Tricks Every iPhone And iPad User Should Know

Clean BBQ Grills - Guess what? You can clean your BBQ grills WITHOUT SCRUBBING! Follow the overnight cleaning method, the next morning hose off your BBQ grills and you are done! Now you are ready to paartaay! @Madefrompinterest.net

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hang curtains from the ceiling... to avoid measuring, also makes ceilings look really high

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How to organize the photos on your iPhone, iPod and iPod

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Neat trick to keep a strapless from slipping! Why did I not know this!?

How Teens Can Become Millionaires. Savings advice from Dave Ramsey. Think if you started earlier.....

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