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Alright, I tried it and it kind of worked. All you do is wet your hair, rub soft pastel chalk all over it, let it air dry, and then go over it with a straightener or curling iron to seal the color. Pretty legit :)

DIY Hair How Tutorial - You'll need: Soft pastel chalk. We picked this giant set up from a local craft store for about $5! A small spray bottle filled with water A flat iron or curling iron Rubber gloves A old towel or t-shirt you don't mind getting color on.

Hair Chalking Dark Hair... LOVE THIS ♥ Totally gonna do it!

DIY Hair Chalking ( How To Get Hair Color Without Commitment!) Whats hair chalking>??? Im not sure it would work for dark hair

I was in a hair salon buying a straightener recently and I saw this. I adore dying my hair fun colors, but have had to quit since I'm older and I have to work now. I love the idea and would love to try it. Might have to invest in some!

hair chalk I was getting kind of tired of my hair so I decided to do this!! Get regular crayons chalk wet and your hair and just color your hair! Super easy!!! Set it with straightening or curling your hair. Fun thing to do in the summer. This is the DIY version

Tipped Out! Tools: Highlighting comb, Clips, Foils, Color brush, Hair bleach with the appropriate volume (always seek a professional when using bleach), Light pink color, Dark pink color, Light blue, Dark blue, and Clear gloss.

"Chalking" your hair! Not like dying, comes out after a few washes. If blonde, do NOT wet hair before applying unless you want it to stay for a few days. If you have darker hair, DO wet so the color shows up. Red heads first try with dry hair, if it doesn't show up, wet it a little. You should shampoo and condition afterwords.