The M Game...great activity for the first days of school!

getting to know you game

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M ice breaker...

Adventures of Teaching: What to Do The First Week of School!

Fun questionnaire for the kids # Pin++ for Pinterest #

Get to know you games

First Day of School Activities for Big Kids- did this at summer camp with my youth group when I was a kid!

Hello english teacher. Your getting this when I graduate

Great idea

Think I will be needing this next year...

Printable... Teach Your Kids Their Name, Address And Phone Number. Also, 911. Good Practice Sheets.

SMART Goals for Data Folders

This is a fun activity to explore the science of balance and weight in the classroom. Have the students use the classroom balance scales to see how much items from their pencil boxes weigh. Does it weigh 1 bear, 2 bears, 3 bears, or more? Your students will have fun weighing their school supplies and recording their data!

A bucket of fun- topics to discuss, questions, therapeutic activities, etc. Good for helping decision making, the nervous, and to shake things up from just suggestions

All About Me Bags (Classroom Freebies): Love this idea for beginning of the semester or school year.

This is a little Facebook themed first day of school activity. Students really love these, as I have used both a book report, and math report form ...

This is a one page sort on the 3 branches of government. This product is also available in my American Government Activities and Worksheets Collec...